Philipsburg Area Education Foundation

Download, print and complete the scholarship application. Attach all required materials.  Download Scholarship Application Checklist for all requirements.

Be sure to read each scholarship description carefully as you may want to submit different essays for different scholarships, or you may have to submit additional documentation supporting a particular subject major or provide proof of financial need. 

All applications require an essay of 250 - 500 words, which describes how this scholarship will assist in achieving your career goals. In some cases, an additional essay is required regarding a particular subject matter. 

All applications require three letters of recommendation which attest to your character and academic potential.  These letters need not be from high school or college staff -- look to your community or employers too.  Students already attending a post-secondary institution should have recommendations from teachers at that institution and/or current employer.  Sometimes people hesitate writing a letter of recommendation; in that case, you might want to provide for them:

Some scholarships are directed toward students with financial need.  In that case, you will need other information for the committee to use in evaluating need. 

The completed application packet must be returned no later than the 2nd Friday in April to:

P. O. Box 900
Philipsburg, MT 59858

The completed application packet may also be handed directly to a Board Member. LATE or INCOMPLETE applications may not be considered.

Students who are selected to receive a scholarship shall be asked to attend a special reception in their honor, along with family members.  The reception is held on the 2nd Monday in May. Location shall be communicated to the recipients. 

Before an award is sent to the college or institution of choice, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be signed by the student which states the terms and conditions of the award.  In the event a recipient does not sign or fulfil the terms of the MOU, scholarship funds shall be passed to the first person on the alternate list in the current year. 

Download, print and complete applications for this $500 contest.

Complete a 10-hour community service project and log sheet.  Write an essay of 500-700 words on the topic: Community Service is Vital.  Each essay must include research data to support your claim.  Consult your school counselor or instructor for  deadline and evaluation procedures. 


PO Box 900 Philipsburg MT 59858-0900 us

 Download, print and complete application for this $250 contest.

The general topic is : The advantages of living in a small town.  Get the application deadline from your English teacher.  Write a narrative-type essay on designated topic 250 - 500 words in length.  The essay must be type-written using a standard size 12 font. 

Download, print and complete application for this $250 contest.

Write an essay of at least 500 words on the topic: 1 or 2-year technical certification versus 4-year university degree for a career field or a particular job. Each essay must include research data from the Montana Labor Market.  Consult your counselor or instructor for  deadline and evaluation methods. 


The winners of these three writing contests and their families shall be invited to attend the PAEF scholarship reception on the 2nd Monday in May. 

The awards for these contests are maintained in PAEF's Endowment Fund until the student graduates high school.  At that time, the student shall designate the post-secondary institution to apply the scholarship.  PAEF shall release the scholarship, plus any growth it has accumulated, to the designated institution. 

The student must give signed consent to PAEF to publish the essay in the PAEF newsletter and news releases.