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What has PAEF been up to in 2017?

 Philipsburg Area Education Foundation (PAEF) held two fundraisers in 2017.  The first was in cooperation with the Philipsburg Brewery where we held a pint night, sold tacos and auctioned a variety of donated items.  The second was a fry-bread concession at the music festival in August.  Proceeds from these two events will fund a minimal scholarship of $1000 for one or more students attending post-secondary education.  These funds, along with many scholarships offered in February, may be used for college or vocational training tuition and fees.  Additionally, we offered opportunities for our local schools to apply for grant funding of educational activities.  Grants ($2558) were awarded to Drummond High School Library and Granite High School for books, presenters, transportation and supplies.   

 Drummond Librarian, Jodie Oberweiser, will coordinate a Poetry Slam with Seeley Lake schools where high school English students will compete in creating and performing poetry.  In addition, Oberweiser will oversee the Geodata Story Mapping Project, a multi-media project for junior high students who will use technology, historical research and language arts to create journal story maps of their family histories. 

 Reading and writing are the basis of two grants awarded to Granite High School. History teacher, Jennifer Graham, will direct a history project with her 11th and 12th grade students concerning the treatment of indigenous peoples of America.  Students will expand their knowledge of early treaties in Montana and draw conclusions in relation to current people and events.  Next, Peter Fromm, Montana author of Indian Creek Chronicles will visit Granite High School. Junior high and senior high students will learn about his experiences of living in the wilderness and his writing journey.  Additionally, students will learn about real-life writing, publishing and marketing processes. 
Scholarship Awards for 2017

 PAEF awarded scholarships worth $18,500 to 14 very outstanding students at its 17th Annual Scholarship Reception in May 2017.  This reception represented the culminating activity of a year-long scholarship process and measured the Foundation’s progress in fulfilling its mission to support the efforts of Granite County residents engaged in educational activities.

Continuing Our Mission

 Improving the quality of educational opportunities for citizens of Granite County is the mission of the Philipsburg Area Education Foundation (PAEF).  Since 1999, this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has awarded scholarships and grants to residents engaging in educational activities including: first-time and returning students pursuing university, college or vocational training; high school concurrent enrollment; middle school and grade school enrichment programs in the arts and sciences; and adult education to improve employability and business opportunities.  Residents from Drummond, Hall, Helmville, Georgetown Lake and Philipsburg have benefitted from PAEF funding and will for many years through good stewardship of donations and investments. 

PAEF continually seeks donors and funding to improve Granite county residents’ quality of life through education and training.  An endowment fund was established through donations to ensure the foundation’s ability to offer financial assistance well into the future.  The endowment is administered through the Montana Community Foundation (MCF), an organization established by the Montana Legislature to promote giving in Montana through organizations and similar non-profits.  Each year, PAEF offers scholarships and grants based on investment income from MCF and direct donations received from individuals and organizations throughout the year.

 All Granite County residents are eligible to apply for scholarships for educational funding each year through an application process.  A scholarship committee which is comprised of community members and educators assess the applications and then funds are awarded based on established criteria.  Some awards are made based on financial need; some are based on career interests, and all consider good character and potential for academic success.  Check out the PAEF website where you will find the current-year scholarship awards and see past-year award recipients. Available scholarships and contests are posted in February.  Students can download scholarship applications and check requirements for the upcoming year’s awards.

Educators and trainers may apply for grants for learning activities based on current year earnings from our endowment fund.  Potential applicants are encouraged to apply for funding of arts, humanities and science learning projects for any age – early childhood, elementary, middle or high school students, or adults. Schools and non-profit organizations may apply for current year activities June 1 through October 31.  Check out the website for the PAEF Grant Application Form for Educators and Trainers. 

 Projects we prefer to fund:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Incorporate with or expanding existing curriculum, classes, and programs
  • Develop a new component of learning that is currently not offered in our county
  • Clearly define ways to measure learning
  • Improve career and education outcomes for students
  • Support reading and writing literacy
  • Team up with teachers, schools and other nonprofit programs for service delivery and funding

 We give a heart-felt thank you to 2017 donors of time, cash and/or materials:

Anthony Marletto
Sue and Leonard (Pinky) Eik
Shawn O’Rourke
Tom and Barbara Hood
Boeing Foundation
Rusty O’Rourke
Criss Dunkerson
Kerry and Dan Graybeal
William Wyatt
Mark Lisac, Lisac Tires
John and Patricia Buck

Bill Spauer
Fred Lurie
Ted and Jane Giddings
Myrna Leipheimer
Jock and Catherine Anderson
Randy and Maureen Mannix
KPK Trust
Rich and Joyce Molteni
Rose and Thomas Brogan Family
Sheila, Jim and Cody Walden
Jodie Dallaserra
Spencer and Sue Huffman
Sandy and Fred McDonald
Jim and Jodi Oberweiser
Harper Construction
Dr. Thomas Bales
Jill Waldbillig
Pat Bauer
Sara and Joe Brabender
Philipsburg Rotary Club
Cathy and Nolan Smith, Philipsburg Brewery
Ed Brunsvold and Peggy Schlesinger
Granite County Medical Foundation
Bill and Jeri Dirkes, Sunshine Station
Granite County Medical Center

Elizabeth Stankevich

Regeneron Foundation

 Please forgive omissions: email sue.huffman1@gmail.com for corrections. 

Two scholarships will be added to the available funds for 2018. These scholarships are in recognition of two people, Jan Bowen and Sharon Christensen, who contributed to the enhancement and longevity of the Philipsburg Area Education Foundation by serving on the Board of Directors. In appreciation for their longevity of service, the scholarships will give preference to students who are 2nd year or more in college or vocational training.  Jan Bowen served on the PAEF Board for over five years. Sharon Christensen, one of PAEF’s charter members, served on the PAEF Board for approximately ten years.  Christensen helped to organize the foundation and its investment strategies to offer educational opportunities to Granite County residents, now and long into the future. 

Our PAEF Board of Directors manages funds and activities throughout the year; and notably, they receive no money for their services.  These are community members who believe their service and contributions of time and energy will improve the quality of our citizens’ lives.  We are continually looking for representation from across the county to serve with our Board of Directors.  In addition, we seek volunteers for our fund-raising activities and projects with kids.  If you have an interest in serving your community as a PAEF representative, please contact us.

Scholarship Funds Available for 2018

Please note some scholarships are for Granite COUNTY students; some are for Granite HIGH SCHOOL students.  Some scholarships give preference to a certain type of training. Some scholarships are for all Granite County residents or students; some are for current graduates.  Visit www.paefmt.com for applications and requirements.

Marletto Family Scholarship: up to two scholarships ($5000 in total) for Granite County students to engage in post-secondary education.  Financial need is a primary criterion.  Preference is give to a current year graduate.  Proof of financial need is required.

 PAEF Board of Director’s Scholarship: at least $1000 for a Granite County resident to engage in post-secondary education or training.  Character and academic potential are primary criteria.

Jan Bowen Service Recognition Scholarship: at least $1000 for a Granite County student to engage in post-secondary education or training.  Character and academic potential are primary criteria. Preference will be given to returning students – those enrolled in 2nd year or more.

Sharon Christensen Service Recognition Scholarship: at least $1000 for a Granite County student to engage in post-secondary education or training.  Character and academic potential are primary criteria. Preference will be given to returning students – those enrolled in 2nd year or more.

Commander Bernard J. O’Rourke Scholarship: $1000 for a current-year graduate of Granite High School to engage in post-secondary education.  Applicants should read Commander O’Rourke’s biography at PAEFMT.com.  Your essay should state how the Commander’s life and achievements influences your life goals and career choices.

Rose and Thomas Brogan Scholarship: at least $1500 for a Granite County student who has attended college for at least one year and is majoring in Business, Economics or Mathematics.

 Eik Family Scholarships: two scholarships at $500 each for Granite County students to engage in post-secondary education with preference given to current graduating seniors pursing vocational training. 

Jon Manke Memorial Scholarships: two $250 scholarships – one for Drummond High School and one for Granite High School – for graduates majoring in the healthcare field; preference given to nursing students. And two $500 scholarships for a returning college students in healthcare – must be 2nd year or greater. 

 Will Wyatt Memorial Scholarships: two $500 scholarships – one male and one female graduating senior from Granite High School engaging in post-secondary education or training. 

Molteni Scholarship: $500 scholarship for a Granite County student preparing for a career in healthcare. 

Leipheimer Family Scholarship: $1000 for a Granite High School graduate (current or past) to engage in post-secondary education with preference given to a student pursing vocational training. 

 Huffman Family Scholarship: $250 to $500 scholarship contest for Granite County 11th graders requires a 10-hour community service project and 500 word essay based on benefits of community service. $250 is available for Drummond High School and $250 for Granite High School. 

Keith Graybeal Memorial Scholarship: $250 scholarship contest for Granite County 7/8th graders requires 250-500 word essay based on benefits of living in a small town. 

PAEF Essay Contest: $250 scholarship contest for Granite County 9/10th graders requires 500 word essay -- 1 or 2-year Technical Certification versus 4+-year University Degree.

 Bales Family Good Samaritan Awards:  two monetary awards for students who demonstrate characteristics of a Good Samaritan in school -- one for Drummond High School and one for Granite High School. Candidates shall be selected by school staff and then voted on by the senior class at each school.   

Come on — be part of the PAEF movement!

Apply for funds, volunteer for fundraising events, and think about becoming a donor.


  Volume 18 Issue 2

December 2017